Sergeant Arnaut

Name: Arnaut
Rank: Sergeant
Position: Squad Leader
Specialty: -
Gender: M
Species: Human

Name: Arnaut Taran
Callsign: Arnaut
Age: 27
Race: Human
Language: Basic, can understand Huttese, Shyriiwook, and
Rodese but cannot speak them.
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 157lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: White, light tan
Place of Birth: Tatooine
History of Arnaut:

Born and raised on Tatooine until the age of thirteen, Arnaut led a relatively uneventful early life. Brought up in the city, his father was the Mayor of a relatively small town named Kartanin. When his father went to Mos Eisely and Mos Entha for business, Arnaut always traveled with him. He admired the smugglers that usually hung out near the starports. He spent most of his time on these trips listening to the smugglers retell their greatest shipment, or the time they slipped past an Imperial Star Destroyer, unnoticed. Someday, he said to himself, he'd become a great smuggler and work for Jabba the Hutt himself. His parents didn't share his views. They strongly supported the Empire and would not like their only son to go off breaking laws. Still, he clung to that dream hoping someday his chance would come to become a smuggler. Unfortunately, when it finally came, he was totally unprepared.

It was two months after his thirteenth birthday when his world was turned upside down. There was a rumor that had been going around talking of a "rebellion" of some-sort that was growing in power and waging war on the Empire. The Empire feared the Rebellion would make its way to Tatooine and started to enforce the law on the planet. Imperials formed a base of operations at the city of Bestine. Mos Entha and Mos Eisely suddenly were filled with patrolling stormtroopers. The smugglers no longer hung out around the starport, but stayed in back alleys and in the cantina. Everyone was so&uneasy with the presence of the stormtroopers. Many people hated them, and were not afraid to express it. At first, people spoke openly about how they were an unneeded and bothersome. The stormtroopers weren't too happy about this and jailed most of the speakers. After that, private, underground movements began to remove the troopers from the cities.

On this day, Arnaut was out with his father in Mos Eisely on another trip. His father was away talking to various diplomats around the city, and with no smugglers to listen to anymore Arnaut casually strolled around, very bored. The city wasn't as fun as it had seemed when he was younger. People were unusually quiet now. Everywhere he looked, stormtroopers walked, ever vigilant, looking out for suspected Rebels. They were silent behind their white helmets. Behind one of the stalls, partially obscured by shadows, a group of five men quietly whispered amongst themselves. As soon as a group stormtroopers passed by, they stopped talking and looked away from the troopers. The troopers seemed not to notice. Seeing as there was nothing to do in the streets, Arnaut trailed after the stormtroopers hoping they would lead him to the building his father was currently in. As he passed by the group of men he picked up a few words of their conversation. He stopped to listen, making sure to keep out of sight. "Tomorrow we strike. Weapons have been prepared. Notify the men. Kill all that stand in the way but remember, our primary targets are&". A landspeeder roared past, and he didn't catch the last words. Oh well, he thought. Gangs attacked each other all the time, and this was probably no different. Usually the firefights took place out of town to minimize innocent casualties. He decided to forget about it.

The next day, his father was busy discussing with the mayor of Mos Eisely about setting up a shuttleport route that included my town of Kartanin. Boring work, as usual. He walked around much as he had the day before, bored stiff. As he walked past an alleyway, a flicker of motion caught his eye. He stared intensely into the dark shadows and was surprised to see about thirty men all huddled around a crate. One of the men, obviously the leader, pried the lid open to reveal something Arnaut could not see. Were these smugglers? Arnaut got excited. After watching for a few more minutes, he finally decided they were in fact smugglers. If he could convince the smugglers that he was worthy of them, maybe they would allow him to help them and maybe eventually even go on a smuggling run with them. Now he just needed to figure out how to make himself seem worthy. He noticed a rather large band of stormtroopers going around the building the smugglers were behind. The alleyway opened up there, in a small square in front of the Mos Eisely City Hall. If the patrol decided to walk down the alleyway, the smugglers would be discovered. Arnaut knew of a safer place on the other side of town where the patrols didn't go. Maybe he could convince the smugglers to go there, and be safe. From there he could help them more often and become a smuggler too. He thought this over for a second, then decided it would probably work. He walked confidently into the alleyway. After he had taken a few steps, the leader noticed him. He looked up, and Arnaut was astonished to see it was one of the men he had overheard the previous day.

"Hey you!" He said in a gruff voice. "You're not supposed to be back here."

"I...uh" he tried to reply.

"You know what we do with people that come snooping around back here?" He pulled out a vicious looking vibroblade and pointed it at Arnaut. By now all the other members had seen him and turned around to reveal many, many guns. Arnaut started to think this wasn't such a great idea after all.

"You got any last words, boy?" he said menacingly.

"I...Uh...Th-There's an Imperial Patrol coming for you! I can show you a safe place if you-" The man cut him off. "An imperial patrol you say? Where and how many men are in it?" "About...twenty stormtroopers or so in the City Hall Square. But why? Don't you want to get to safety?" "Shush up boy. Alright men, it's time. Lets roll!!" Before Arnaut could figure out what was going on, the men were rushing away from him, down the alleyway, towards the City Hall Square. As each of them passed the crate that was stilled sitting there opened, they picked out a small round Object. Grenades. These weren't just smugglers; these were Rebel soldiers. Arnaut traveled behind them, as if in a trance. He could not believe what was going to happen. As the smugglers walked into the square, they kept their weapons concealed and walked up to the unfortunate stormtrooper patrol. Arnaut lingered at the entrance to the alleyway, watching and hoping they would not start to fight.

"Excuse me sir," the lead rebel began. "But could you direct me to the nearest vehicle shop?"

"Yes, sir," The unlucky trooper pulled a datapad out, and started to show the leader where a vehicle shop was. Arnaut wanted to cry out "STOP!" but it was too late. With one quick motion, the Rebel grabbed the stormtroopers arm and pulled him close, pointing a blaster at his head. The man pulled the trigger. The body went limp and fell out of his grasp. Someone screamed. In an instant all the troopers and all the Rebels had guns drawn and were blasting away. The troopers were overwhelmed and outgunned. They tried to dive to safety but there was nowhere to hide in the middle of the wide open square. They were cut down where they stood. The Rebels had planned this well. They retreated back to a large food stall and hid behind it. They had a clear view of all entrances to the square and shot down soldiers as they entered. Lucky for Arnaut, they didn't see him hiding at the edge of the alleyway. Blaster bolts flew everywhere, hitting civilians and combatants alike. The original party of stormtroopers was all dead now, but more and more kept coming. Still the Rebels seemed to have the upper hand. Grenades took down troopers in large groups. Blaster fire from behind the stall kept stormtroopers from entering. A stormtrooper rushed past his hiding position, firing as he ran, only to get a blaster bolt full in the chest. He screamed and crumpled to the ground. Less and less Stormtroopers came. They were regrouping, panning for another assault. The fire calmed down, and finally stopped as no more troopers dared to come close. The only people in the square were Rebels and corpses. He counted up the casualties. Thirty-two dead stormtroopers, while the Rebels had only lost seven. Three Rebels were dispatched into the City Hall to kill any Imperials inside.

"No..." Arnaut whispered to himself. His father was in there. He heard shots being exchanged from inside the building. He had to save his father! But how? Then he noticed the stormtrooper that had been shot down not two feet from him. There was one grenade on his belt. Cautiously, making sure the Rebels weren't watching him, he reached out and grabbed it. Here goes nothing, he thought. He tossed the grenade the Rebel farthest from the City Hall. With a scream of surprise, the Rebel looked down as the grenade landed at his feet. In a flurry of flame and shrapnel, the Rebel was killed. Seeing his chance, Arnaut dashed towards the door to the City Hall.

"Hey it's that kid!" one of the Rebels yelled. Blaster bolts lashed out around him, but he didn't slow. He had to get to his dad. With a final burst, he ran into the City Hall building. Rebels were chasing him from outside, so he ran further into the building. He started in a hall, which emptied out into the lobby. As soon as he was in the room, he sealed the door behind him. The metal door rushed down, and none too soon. He heard the thuds of blaster fire hitting the door. He took a moment to catch his breath and survey the room around him. Two stormtroopers lay dead, holes in their chests. Behind the receptionist counter, the receptionist laid unconscious. He could hear blaster shots from farther in the building. He took a hallway on the left and ran down the hall. He vaguely remembered coming down this hall earlier that morning, when his father was showing him where he'd be all day. He rushed past door by door until he finally found the room his dad was in. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door, hoping he wasn't too late.

He was. On the floor his father lay sprawled, a blaster still in his hand. He choked back tears and stood over his father's body. He couldn't believe it. His father was truly dead. He knelt down by his father and started crying. He sat there over his father's body for what seemed like hours crying, until he could cry no more. Suddenly he heard footsteps outside the door, and the door opened.

"So there you are kid!" the Rebel yelled. He aimed his blaster at him, ready to kill him, until one of his comrades yelled from down the hall and ran up to him.

"Hey! We need to leave NOW! Troops are being dropped into the city from transports and preparing another assault. Commander says we've done enough damage here and we're going to our ship at the edge of town."

"What should we do with the boy?" The first Rebel said.

"Bring him with us" The Rebel grabbed Arnaut by the shoulder and yanked him from his father's body. He made no protest. He was dragged out of the building into the square. The Rebel Commander was barking orders at his men. His captor shoved Arnaut towards the Commander.

"Here's the boy that blew Jenkins up, sir." The commander regarded Arnaut quietly.

"That was some trick you pulled, boy," he said. "You cost us one of our best marksmen. Put him in the ship. We could use people like him."

A man grabbed Arnaut and started walking him, with the rest of the troops, out of the square, and towards the town's edge. Few people were in the streets. No troopers attacked them as they made their way out of town. Just past the city limit a small passenger ship was parked, surrounded by half a dozen troopers. The Rebels made quick work of them. They loaded Arnaut in with the cargo and entered. So began Arnaut's career in the Rebel smuggling business.

*14 Years Later*

Arnaut was now the most skilled smuggler in his team. He'd been trained a lot since his youth when the Rebels picked him up. He had expert gun-slinging skills. He had survived a firefight with seventeen rival smugglers once, all by himself. He'd smuggled countless loads for the Rebel Alliance. He was living his childhood dream. And he hated every second of it. He still could not forget that it was the Rebels that killed his Father. He would never forgive them for that. He never quite fit in with the rest of the Rebels. They were always "The Enemy" to him, even though he worked with them. The smugglers that originally had captured him wouldn't let him go. They tracked him day and night, as if expecting him to run away. He was too much an asset to them. Even on smuggling runs, three or more elite guards accompanied him. The Rebels needed him and weren't going to let him defect. He was glad when he finally did get caught on a smuggling run.

After Smuggling some illegal weapons off Couruscant, he and his crew were taken completely by surprise when an Interdictor-Class Star Destroyer blazed out of hyperspace right on top of them. It prevented them from hyperspacing out of the system. A boarding party was dispatched. Fearing for their lives, the rest of the crew knocked him unconscious and fled in the escape pod. He was thought to be a Rebel prisoner by the boarding party and offered a job in the Imperial army. He knew it would be his only way to track down and kill every last Rebel responsible for his father's death. He gladly accepted.

He's a very good marksman with incredible aim. He has a strong muscular build, and adequate training in melee combat. He's not very technologically inclined. He's not good at building electronics or working with computers.

Very calm, always seems to be thinking. Has a detached presence as if he's not aware of what's happening around him. He is very helpful, when asked. He is also very slow to anger, but once he gets angry, he won't calm down for a while.