Private First Class Yoder

Name: Yoder
Rank: Private First Class
Position: Trooper
Specialty: -
Gender: M
Species: Human

Age: 24 Eye's: brown Hair: dark brown Race: Coreillian Skills: I can run or walk silently/I can do hand-to-hand very well/melee weapons I can duel well with swords or anything of the such /Im a good sniper but i still need practise Height: 6"00' Weight: 178 pounds build: medium History: I was ten when my parents died from resisting arrest from CorSec, now called the P.S.S (public security sector) and afterwards I was let go with only a vibrosword, hold-out blaster, some rations,4 days worth of water if used right, survival kit with instructions, a few photos of my parents and some other relatives I know only by name and sometimes met them but rarely, and only one other place to go and my grandaunts orphanage so I went there until I turned Eighteen. After that she died in a raid from pirates she saved my life by pushing me in there ship. Later they found me and recruited me in. I accepted with a devious plan to kill the captain steal a small ship with a hyperdrive and blow there small capital ship into a million pieces, also killing personally the captain my grandaunts killer.Two years later I killed him with a blaster in his face with him begging for mercy and I first shot of each toe and finger before he gave me a small frigates access codes to leave then I shot him in the stomach then the heart then between the eyes. I escaped but I was barely able to convince the astro droid that was badly damaged during a gunfight, to take the ship I killed the "winner" of the fight and stole the ship and left. The astro droid guided me to Coreillian space,there I worked as a guntrainer after two years I went to imperial space and I worked my living teaching sniping and hand-to hand combat there ever since. Bio: I stalk my prey in the woods.The animal has no idea im there.Thirty minutes later I attacked with my sniper rifle and killed it.I brought it back to my students and said" if you can kill ten of these animals and bring them back not defaced in anyway i'll personally teach the first, second, and third student.The rest can go and die for all I care for. After several hours of standard time none returned so I expected them all dead,after all they were hunting full grown shriraaks in there nest. "Oh well i'll head to my bar for a drink then on to home."Before I leave to my astonishment one person came out of the forest it was my best student he carried 5 shryraaks and all his clothes were gone and he was bleeding severely.I say" Are you ok."Student answers."do I look ok. Put some medical stuff out and friggin heal me."I apply medical equipment to him and he is stable.I say"student where are the others."Student answered scared."they all died, since we all knew there was only one cave they were in we had to go in together." I say"student what happened in there."Student answerede frantically." well we went in as a group next thing you know were shooting at anything that moves that we can't see.Then they got to us we at lest killed hlaf of there entire number.I was in the back only five came close I killed them but they hurt me like you saw." "Well they all died while I ran out with my five other shriraak followed me here there watching us you can get away but I cant"."I lure them away and kill as many as I can while you get away."With a smile and his gun he said "good bye teach, you were a good man go and check out the bar if you can." Then he runs of while shooting down dozens of shriraaks as I saw I left with everything and I shot dozens before they turned tail and ran back to there cave. I head towards the bar my student talked about,then I realized this is the same old bar I go to all the time.well I park and watched everything for a moment. I walk in to see a familiar face "Hello my old friend. How's it going "the human says "Not bad until you showed up?" * I smile* "Well you could give me some Coreillian ale not the brand made here, the brand made in coreillia "human says" Well you have gotten back from work, so here's one on the house" "thank you a day of fortune to us both we need it" *both of us laugh* the trandos in the corner of the room, suddenly,start a fire fight with 5 stormtroopers all blasters set to knock out of course.I knew well enough that they were to my surprise the stormtrooper closest to us shot me and used a vibroblade on my friend. *Hours later * Ughghhh * I get up* *notice that im in a Imperial stormtrooper recruitment stormtrooper line * a few hours later* a petty officer says" now go into this room and you will take a test by a droid answer as best you can "I say" how did I get here" petty officer" well you were knocked out and now have to work some personal depts. for a ale you gave to a now dead bartender the law requires you go into service, but since the bartender is dead you have to stay in service until you reach 45 at least if you are still a enlisted, now take that test" I say "Sir Yes Sir" * marches into room* *hours upon hours later the droid goes out to the officer * *I barely hear scrapes of what the officer was saying to himself* *the petty officer come in* petty officer" upon your test you passed *he smiles moment* now go and make the empire glad your in at all "I say "Horay I made,what a drag." *goes to training academy next day *I say to my instructer "Private trooper Yoder reporting for duty,Sir." End of Holo -:New Holo number two:- Yoder later learned how to use a speacial ability called the Ko'Di which allows you to 'feed' all of your emotion into a void and allow you to use full concentration on what your doing, the only drawback is your devoid of all emotion until you stop the Ko'Di. -:End of Holo two:-